A puzzle game about matching patterns

A puzzle game about matching patterns for iPhone and iPod Touch.

What We Collect

Game Results

By default, Groops stores the result of every game on the Torched Media, LLC server to allow you to easily share your scores. Your Game Center username is stored along with the score; if you wish to hide your Game Center username from the public and save scores anonymously, you can turn on the “Anonymous Sharing” switch in the High Scores view. Please note that your actual usage of Game Center is subject to Apple’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and is not a part of Groops.

Usage & Statistics

From time to time, Torched Media, LLC may collect usage statistics in order to optimize the game and identify and resolve issues. During these instances, no personal information is saved anywhere - we only store device model, software version, and system logs generated by the game itself.

SO, we only use your Game Center username, and you can opt out if you want to remain anonymous.

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